Do you have a presence on the social media platforms that your customers use?

You may be missing out on an awesome opportunity to grow your business if your marketing doesn’t include social media

Already using social media channels but not getting the most out of your efforts?
Digital Marketing is all about giving the customer a great user experience. Engage your customer, make them want to come back, tell their friends, visit your website, click on that link, become a member, buy your product or service.

Great content is the key!

After all great content can be shareable, actionable, findable, usable, easy to read, solve a problem and be memorable. Yes, we want the customer to think of your business and associate it with helping them in some way.

I can help you grow your business.

Understanding your business goals/products/services/customers is the basis of providing compelling graphic and editorial based solutions. Tracking and measuring digital performance is important. My focus is on innovation, finding new pathways to promote your product or service.Experience in creating compelling Facebook posts and ads that have resulted in great click through rates and sales outcomes.

Email Marketing campaigns I have created produce immediate sales and help boost client product sales.

I segment my email campaigns to make them more personal.  Targeted emails are more likely to be read, thereby increasing customer awareness and sales of your brand. It’s an awesome feeling when I’ve just sent out an email and can see the sales grow before my eyes in MailChimp Reports.

I am a social media savvy individual with graphic design skills. Creating engaging social media and web content is something I’m passionate about

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